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Frequently Asked Questions

* Related to the conference:

What is ACSMUNC?

An international Model United Nations Conference, hosted by the American College of Sofia. It is dedicated to high school and university students.


We focus on small size committees where every delegate will have better opportunities for contribution and debate. Our secretariat is a selected team of experienced MUN delegates who genuinely care for the enjoyment of every participant. We are aware of the stress that many delegates undergo in a new environment, and we vow to ensure the comfort and development of each and every one.

Who can participate?

If you are a high school student with an interest in MUN, you are more than welcome to sign up and participate in ACSMUNCIV! We want to stress on the fact that you do not need to be part of a MUN club, nor do we require previous conference experience -- we have committees for beginners, intermediates, and experts, and we are committed to guiding every delegate before and throughout the conference and making it a wonderful and beneficial event for you.

Are there awards?

The awards from each committee will be announced at the closing ceremony by the respective committee chairs, and the certificates will be further sent to the delegates after the conference. Each committee will have one Best Delegate award, one Best Position Paper award, as well as several Outstanding Delegate and Honorable Mention awards, depending on the size of the committee. 

* Related to the registration process:

How do I sign up for ACSMUNC?

Simply go to our Registration page. You will be asked to fill out a Registration form.

How do I register as a Faculty Advisor?

You will find the appropriate form right under the Delegate/Student form on our Registration page.

Who is allowed to participate?

Any high-school student from any country across the globe is welcome to participate.

Can I register as a single delegate?

Yes. When you fill out the Registration form in the Registration page, you will be prompted to answer whether you are attending as part of a delegation or as a single delegate. 


Is there a registration fee?

No fee is required for ACSMUNC. Materials like study guides and position papers will be exchanged electronically, and food and drinks will be provided by us.

Do I need a faculty advisor in order to register? 

While listing a faculty advisor isn't required, it is highly recommended as an adult figure we can contact from your school, especially if you are registering as a delegation. If an advisor is registered for your delegation, we will contact them for country assignments, feedback, and any communication between us and the delegation.

* Related to country assignments:

When will I receive my country assignment?

Keep an eye out for emails from Your country assignment will arrive with the subject line "ACSMUNC 4: Country Assignment."

* Related to delegate matters:

Do I have to write a position paper?

Delegates are allowed to participate without a position paper, but they are strongly recommended, as they help the delegates with their research immensely. Furthermore, the chairs will take them into account when deciding the awards. There are no set guidelines for the papers themselves, however we recommend about a page per topic, where the delegates outline their stance, past and possible future actions.

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