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Meet the Team

Organizer/Historical Crisis Committee Chair
Denitsa Boykova

Hello, my name is Denitsa, and I am one of this year’s ACSMUNC organizers, as well as a Historical Crisis Co-Chair. MUN has been an exciting experience for me throughout my time in high school, and I am now looking forward to presenting a conference organized together with some of my fellow club members. I hope this year’s topics will spark your interest and make for creative discussions during committee. I look forward to seeing you all at ACSMUNC 3! 

Anna Hatchikian

Hi, I'm Anna, and I will be one of the chairs of the Historical Crisis Committee! I am beyond excited to hear the debate and read your directives! I'm very fond of Crisis Committees because they truly offer a new approach to MUN, so I'm certain everyone will have a great time! Me and my team have given our best to organize this conference, so I hope you will give your best as delegates. Above all, I hope you all have fun, while improving your MUN skills!

Executive Committee Chairperson
Valerie Kamberova

Hey, hey! Wow, it's so exciting to write this. My name is Valerie, and it's with great pleasure that welcome you to ACSMUNC 3! My experience with MUN has been such a wild ride, which I got on kind of in the middle of. So far, I've met such an extraordinary caliber of delegates, and I hope I get to be impressed and humbled once more by your performance at our conference! MUN is daunting, but it is also one of the best places to meet new people and have fun during unexpected moments of respite in the eye of political storm. I know you'll do amazing. Good luck on the podium.

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Organizer/Historical Crisis Committee Chair
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