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"The United Nations is our one great hope for a peaceful and free world."

- Ralph Bunche


This year's topics address some of the most pressing issues around the world, in the past and the present. Understanding and tackling previous and current crises paves the way for how we will deal with crises in the future. In order to do so, empathy and critical thinking are crucial.

  • Background guides for every committee will be provided at a later stage

  • All delegates are encouraged to read through the background guides as a beginning of their research into the topics on the agenda

  • All delegates must submit their position papers by April 14th, using the forms provided on our website; the forms will be provided under each committee (at the Position Paper button) once delegates have received their assigned countries

  • Position papers are not mandatory but strongly recommended

  • For further questions, you can either contact the chairs of the respective committee or the secretariat at

Social, Humanitarian and Cultural Committee

  1. Addressing the Ramifications of the Prolonged Conflict in Yemen

  2. The State of Human Rights in Iran

Historical Crisis Committee

Soviet-Afghan War (1982)

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